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February 18, 2016

I've always had acne issues!  I've tried everything you name! I've tried it! I met Ms.Kathleen and she could tell I was insecure about my acne. The first thing she said to me "I have something for that" at first I was skeptical but when you see her.  Her hair is gorgeous and her face is clear and beautiful she basically is her own advertisement! So I gave it a try! I love this stuff! It's the HOLY MECCA for a clear face! My friends always compliment me on my face! I've got my sisters on it! They love it! I give this product 5 STARS! I don't have to worry about drugs going into my skin everything is natural and I love it! Will be buying more for when I go back to school.  Kayla Gore  Awendaw, SC


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May 2015

I’ve been using Organic Shea Butter Hut Products on my hair for over two years now and my hair has never looked better. I am 22 years old and this is the healthiest my hair has ever been. These products have greatly supported me in my hair journey from relaxed to natural kinky/curly hair. Thanks to these products I was able to avoid the “Big Chop” phase altogether. The Shea Essential Hair Renewal System provided the balance and moisture my hair needed during its awkward multi texture phase. I maintained hair length during this very sensitive time. My hair and I are grateful to you Miss Kathy!----Ariel, Seattle, WA


May 2015

Organic Shea Butter is “therapy” for all hair types/textures: Relaxed, Permed, Natural, Straight, Curly. A Miracle in a bottle/jar is what I call it. Everywhere I go, I receive compliments on my hair. I owe it all to these products! Thanks Kathy!  -----Equilvilont , Savannah, GA


May 2015

We are an Organic Shea Butter Hut Family! Due to his profession, my husband wears steel toe boots to the construction sites. This makes his feet hard, tough and scaly (dry). After a long day’s work, he massages his feet with Shea Rejuvenation  Skin Renewal. Immediately,  the texture of his skin changes from hard and rubbery to soft and supple. These products really work. ----The Foster Family, Savannah GA


When my 42 year old daughter came home for a visit in January, I was floored! She always wore her hair in a ball, but during this visit her hair was long, flowing and silky smooth! I couldn’t believe it! I went right away to the phone to place an order. Once the products arrived, immediately I began the “hair restructuring process”. Since then, I’ve noticed significant hair growth. My younger daughter even noticed how much healthier and longer my hair appeared. Organic Shea Butter Hut made a believer out of me! --- Retha King, Albany, GA


June 2015

Hi Kathleen:

What a blessing you are.  I thank God for your spirit of counsel and most of all for your products.

I went to the doctor and tried prescribed creams that did not work.

S. E. NEEM: When I showed you the area on my foot, you suggested I try your S.E. Neem cream.  Well not only is it working my skin is coming back on this area, and the itching has subsided. Words can't describe my heartfelt thanks to you for your wisdom, advice and products.


June 2015

I also love the S.E. Rejuvenation cream (which has sunscreen in it).  A little goes a long way.


June 2015

I just went natural and your hair care products are fabulous.  I love complete hair care package (which includes (1) black soap, (2) Organic Palm Fruit Butter (hair & scalp conditioner(3) the S.E. Hair Renewal.

My hair is moist and shinny, I have gotten so many compliments.  I am sold  ;-) and I am spreading the news.

Thanks for all you do!!!


June 2015

 After going to my primary doctor, dermatologist, and OB/GYN doctors, undergoing different tests,  they could not tell me why I am breaking out,  Prescribed creams did not work.  Prayer & NEEM is healing my body.

I thank God for you Ms. Kathleen!!!!

Great grace and peace be unto you always!!!


Janet Taylor Mason

Aisha J. Thurston (@TheJourneyAisha) tweeted at 10:17 AM on Fri, Nov 21, 2014:
@KFOrganic The Shea Essential Nerve Pain Relief works quickly & it's effects R long lasting + little goes a long way. http://t.co/qxJ9hZZ61t


It Worked Immediately

Carolyn P Bailie  11/2014

Kathleen, I took your new Muscle spasm Shea butter to a friend's mom with spinal stenosis. She was in pain and had taken all the painkillers allowed by her doctors and called me right after her husband had rubbed it on her back. It worked immediately. She took it the next day and raved about it at all three of her doctors appointment. YEA! Organic Shea Butter and Kathleen!!!

'Simply Marvelous products'  06/10/13


I have used the Organic Shea Butter Hut products for over a year now and wouldn't be without it! I use the black mud once or twice a month to totally revive my skin. I use the Black soap followed by rejuvenation treatment on my body every day, it is just amazing. I also use the spider/varicose vein treatment daily and have been amazed at the relief and comfort this wonderful product has brought me! I even send this to my Sister in England who tried it while she was in the States and she swears by it too. I cannot say enough good things about these products, having the most SENSITIVE, ALLERGIC AND REACTIVE skin and wasted 100's of dollars trying to find suitable products, Organicsheabutter is my go to skincare regime, it also lasts a long time as a little goes a long way so ultimately it is exceptional value as well. I get many compliments on my skin and its all thanks to this wonderful find! Thank you Kathleen :-)

 Katie Blackmon 

Shea Essential Pain Relief

Good stuff! Happy Holidays!




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If possible bring two (2) jars of your pain product back with you.  That cream

really really works!




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From: molly811

Sent: Sun, November 18, 2012 10:27:56 PM

Subject: Cream (Shea Essential Pain Relief )


Dear Pearl,

Thank you so much for dropping off the "healing" cream.  I do believe it

works!!  I have used it on my hand, sometimes in the middle of the night when

it was very painful.  Awhile later, I would realize I was out of pain!!!

Ann,Donald and Robyn




Shea Butter, Pain Relief & Dead Sea Mineral Mud


It was nice meeting you and your wife at the Edisto Beach market last month. I just had to let you know how pleased I am with your products that I purchased. I am using the Raw Organic Shea Butter on my hands daily and it’s amazing how smooth and soft they have become in such a short time. I also purchased the Shea Butter Essential Pain Relief and the Dead Sea Mineral Mud for my husband who suffers from arthritis. He experienced immediate relief and is sold on your products. It will be a while before we have to order more as a little goes a long way, but you can be sure you can add us to your list as another one of your satisfied customers.


All the Best,

J. Falcon from Atlanta




“It’s a miracle!”

December 18, 2012


I purchased one of these items (Shea Essential Pain Relief) while visiting Edisto on the last day of the market. My mother in France just received it. She phoned yesterday to say, “It’s a miracle!” She has Parkinson’s, was hospitalized recently with back pain and also has an irritating pain constantly in her leg. She told me after using it, it was the first good night’s sleep she’s had in ages, “No pain!” She told me it helped her back AND her leg! I was totally flabbergasted! I hoped for a positive response, but I never dreamed this could help so dramatically! This second purchase is for my husband and I’m hoping for equally astonishing results! Thanks so much!


Sherba Nelson

Berea KY




Shea Butter and Pain Relief


We enjoyed our visit with you at Edisto Island Art Show. I have been very pleased with theproducts we bought from you. The Raw Organic Shea Butter works very good for me. It feels great on my face and neck. I like very much the Shea Essential Pain Relief. I had pain in my back and hips and it has worked great for me. Also like the Dead Sea Mineral Mud. I am 85 years old and very active and these products have help me with my back pain.

Thank you,


E. D. Rodelsperger

From: Newberry, SC




Organic Shea Butter Hut where have you been all my life?


My name is Michael and I have been using the Shea Butter Hut products for at least six months now.  I have had really good results with it; Black Soap really cleanses my oily skin and leaves it feeling so clean and smooth.  I have to tell you I have had a problem with Eczema for a while and since using the Dead Sea Mineral Mud I have not had one problem with Eczema.  Isn’t that amazing you can have a problem for years and try so many different products and Balm all at once you get the right thing and your problem is gone. A lady was talking to me one evening and placed her hand on my face and said “wow your skin is so nice looking” now you know I’m sticking with these program lol.  Organic Shea Butter Hut where have you been all my life?



Savannah, GA




Clear Elbows & Hands (Shea Essential PSORIASIS)


The Shea Essential PSORIASIS works much better than the prescription cream I’ve used for years! The Shea Essential PSORIASIS has really helped clear up my elbows and hands……..much quicker (and they look clearer) than the prescription cream I’ve used for years.  I love it and will certainly recommend it.


J. Ledford




ACNE Solution


12/26/12 @9:57 PM


Before, I had a lot of dark spots & blackheads. But when I started using the All Natural Black Soap & the Shea Essential Acne, it all started to fade away within the first use. I’d use the Black Soap at night followed by the Acne cream, then in the morning I would just use the Black Soap. I did this process for a couple of weeks. Within the weeks, that’s when I really saw a difference on my face. It was more clearer, more toned, & more smoother. Later on I discovered the Dead Sea Mineral Mud that also helped with my dark spots too. I only used this twice a week along with the Black Soap & Acne cream. Thanks to Organic Shea Butter Hut Products, I finally have smooth, clear & toned skin!


Courtney Seymour




Testimonial for Organic Shea Butter Hut Raw Organic Shea Butter with Essential Oils.


I woke up to a soft whimper about 11:00 pm. The three children was sleeping in the tent on the floor. I stuck my hand in to follow the cry and out came my daughter Taylor. A few minutes later another soft cry came. So I went to the floor again and stuck my hand in, to pull out another sweetie, and I realized the child was my best friend daughter; she was tugging at her skin in extreme. I realized her eczema and she was itching. She shook so forcefully, she began to frighten me. I thought something else was wrong because she was shaking so intently.


I held her in my arms trying to console her but that wasn’t enough. I grabbed the jar of Fragrance Shea Butter Hut Raw Organic Shea Butter with Organic Essential Oils and began to rub it into her skin. Then she founds a new spot to scratch and rubbed some there as well. I was still scared so I ran to her mother door, but her father came out instead. I kept on rubbing the Fragrance Shea Butter Hut Raw Organic Shea Butter with Essential Oils into her skin; arms, back, legs and neck. I kept massaging it into her into her skin. Her father stood and watched I didn’t want to let her go but I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing since I had only been around Denise a short while. Her father informed that she wakes up like this a lot. I eventually covered her whole body with Fragrance Shea Butter Hut Raw Organic Shea Butter with Essential Oils and handed her to her Father along with the Fragrance Shea Butter Hut Raw Organic Shea Butter with Essential Oils. I went to the bathroom and when I returned; she was fast asleep with her Dad. Thanks Kathleen For your wonderful products!


Aleathia Cole, New Haven CT




I love your stuff!




I love your stuff! My skin glows, and I feel great knowing that there are no

harmful substances added.

I recommend you to everyone.

Thank you so much!

Carol Corrigan


PS. you can use the attached photo if you want.





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